Colorado Springs Ace

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Knife and Tool Sharpening
Are your tools or knives dull and in need of sharpening? Please visit us to sharpen your knives, scissors, mower blades, hedge shears and more!
Regular/Serrated Edge: $0.50 per Inch
Scissors: $2.00 per pair
Misc (Ax, Pruner, etc.) $4.00 per blade
Mower Blade: $6.00 per blade
Mulching Blade: $8.00 per blade
Hedge Trimmer: $45.00 per blade
Chainsaw $10.00 per chain
Circular Saw Blade (Steel) $1 per inch
Circular Saw Blade (Carbide)
....17-30 teeth: $14.00 per blade
....31-40 teeth: $15.00 per blade
....41-60 teeth : $18.00 per blade
....61-80 teeth: $22.00 per blade